The Art of a Corporation: The East India Company as Patron and Collector, 1600-1860

What can art tell us about London’s oldest and longest surviving multinational corporation?

For a quarter of a millenium, the East India Company commissioned and collected hundreds of artworks. This ground-breaking book identifies these objects, most of which are in London today, and brings them together into a single study. By treating the artworks as primary sources, Howes gives fresh insights into the East India Company’s history.

The Art of a Corporation is a must read for anyone interested in Art History and Britain’s colonial past. Watch a short lecture about the book here


The complexity of the East India Company is one of the reasons British Empire is so poorly understood. Howes does vital work shining light on one particular aspect of its history – a real education for me.    Sathnam Sanghera

This is the first attempt to look at all the artworks produced by the East India Company, as a corporate entity. Through detective investigation, Howes brings the dispersed collection back together both as a narrative and as a collection,connecting also to current debates about empire, capitalism and memorials.    Giles Tillotson

Formats: hardcover and ebook

Date: April 14 2023

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 978-1-03-236117-8     

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